Graphic design – Functional Design

A web design should be colorful, easy on the eye and user-friendly. So, how to create a beautiful, popular and functional website, you ask? Specialists in fields such as web ergonomics, content programming along with designers and managers are responsible for the website design.

The Right Model for your Website

We recommend to browse websites of leading companies in your field and to see what graphic and architectural novelties are there. We think that the client should choose a model and design for his website according to his or her taste and needs but not without professional feedbacks

Web models and web applications

After choosing the core model, you can integrate into it interesting elements from other models. Our client together with experts will select the most suitable, interactive, competitive, innovative and resourceful features.

Selecting a winner sample

Designers present several design samples to the client. Sometimes the client picks different elements from different samples and approves the final version of the design. This work method enables client’s deeper understanding of the options available to him.

Polls – Corrections – Control

Selection process is goes hand in hand with an open client-designer dialogue. First, every sample is altered, corrected or improved and only then approved by the client. This process is repeated until the client is completely satisfied. When design is ready, the next stage can begin

Developing website prototype and uploading it on the Internet

Uploading the prototype on the restricted network is the last stage of the design. The client is able to use this website, to log in, monitor its development and also ad comments on the design. When this stage is complete, the website becomes accessible to the public. Now we begin to monitor user behavior and pay attention to user remarks.