High ranking in search engines is not enough

Even if your website high search engine ranking, it doesn’t mean that users will visit it.

User behavior polls could answer this question.

  • It takes users just a few seconds to decide what website to visit.
  • Users read a brief annotation given by a search engine, that shows the website relevance to your search.
  • Users prefer websites with bold headings.

Users proceed from search engines to your website.

  • The style and format of your website should appeal to the target audience.
  • The heading should fit the website in general and every page in particular.
  • The content of the website should be broad and enriched with keywords.
  • Every page should have a subtitle that encompass the topic of the page.
  • The address should be short, clear, easy-to-remember and easy-to-utter.

Website efficiency is measured by the ability to convince users to visit the page that serves the company’s goals or in other words how to convince a passive user to become an active one.

What needs to be done? What a user has to do?

A good website attracts users who come back to it time after time. This website addresses the users in the right manner and convinces them to take the right action. Defining users’ motives and online marketing are important components of a good website.

Having a good marketing strategy, efficient design, and relevant content you can convince users to do the following:

  • To fill out a form and send it
  • To send an e-mail
  • To call the right number
  • To place an order
  • To ask for further information
  • To set a meeting with a sales representative
  • To join the organization’ members club
  • To volunteer in an NGO
  • To send a CV and apply for a job
  • To subscribe to a newspaper
  • To request a free sample of a product
  • To download a demo version of a program
  • To print out a discount coupon
  • And many other operations

The website enables a direct buyer-seller dialogue. The organization could turn to users directly and offer additional information. Some users are always ready to fill out small forms to receive a gift or a discount. It is also important to establish a connection with users to learn about their needs.

The website can refer them to the sales department or offer a small gift if the user becomes a client. The cost of the gift is usually not very high in comparison with a potential that every new client brings. Offer them to download free (or demo version) program or a discount coupon.

Gaining new clients is not enough – the website has to be able to keep them satisfied as well and convince them to take certain actions. Usually it is possible to increase the websites efficiency and turn passive users into active ones. It is necessary to analyze user actions to learn why some of them place orders and some don’t. In order to receive maximum returns on the investment it is necessary to optimize the website.

Users should be more active and increase website efficiency.

  • Active users rate should be increased.
  • New clients, business partners, volunteers and employees should sign in to the website.
  • Website optimization using "friend brings a friend" system.
  • Improving company’s activities in the long run.