How does a search engine work?

Modern search engines are rather complex mechanisms. One of its components is a web crawler – a computer program that browses the Internet in a methodical, automated manner. Web crawlers are used to copy all the visited pages and create a data base. Another component of the search engines analyzes the content of this data base. The last component is used to present the relevant search engine results page.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Most users find their way to a website through search engines. It is important for a website to have high rankings in search engines so that as many users as possible could visit it.

If your website’s designed beautifully and has a relevant content, it will not only impress users but also will possibly be ranked higher in search engines. Although, the quality of the design alone doesn’t affect the website’s ranking.

The rankings of your website depend on various factors, such as: its search engines friendliness, competition with other websites in the same search, quality hyperlinks and many more.

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective methods of on-line marketing. SEO has the most profitable cost-efficient advertising ratio.

Keywords-based advertising

Words and phrases that users type in search engines are called keywords. You have to know in advance what keywords your potential client will type in. There are numerous websites, some of them are popular search engines, that sell all sorts of keywords. It seems like all you have to do is buy these keywords and the rest will fall into places. However, it’s not that simple, to say the least.

Examples of content websites:

  • Researching words and phrases used in advertising campaigns
  • Writing ads
  • Using trial by error method of adding and deleting keywords
  • Analyzing statistics of advertising campaigns

Keywords-based advertising requires time, professionalism and patience.