Thoughts on how to build a good website:

  • Determine website’s objectives
  • Determine the target audience
  • Determine the number of potential users
  • Determine how users can benefit from your website
  • Bear in mind that the content of your website is important
  • Determine how the applications system will look like
  • Choose a suitable architecture
  • Define priorities regarding the use of your website
  • Find balance between the users and your company
  • The right design of information i.e. presentation and graphics


Determining website objectives

  • Why does an organization want to create a website?
  • What guide lines does the organization have when building the website?
  • What could this website achieve?
  • How does your organization hope to benefit from the website?

It is extremely important to consult internet experts in general and on-line marketing experts in particular. You should determine several clear and feasible objectives for your website.

Target Audience

  • Who is this website created for?
  • Who are your users?
  • Who will visit your website?
  • How will users behave on your website?
  • What are the strong points of your target audience?
  • What are its weaknesses?
  • How can you approach your target audience?
  • How well do you know your target audience?

It is recommended to define your average user profile, his age, occupation, education, gender, etc. To avoid future mistakes you should get professional opinion from on-line marketing and advertising experts. . Comprising a statistical cut of your target audience is crucially important to the success of the website.

Information directed to the target audience

After defining the target audience, basic terms should be set for this audience. The description of the future website should be brief – one or two sentences. These basic terms should convince the target audience to act according to the website’s objectives.


  • What is important to users?
  • What service is the most popular?
  • What most users hope to gain or achieve?
  • What does a user prefer to do first?

User priorities could influence the website architecture and layout.

Is your website user friendly?

A website that’s not user friendly can’t be successful. Specialists can determine how a user friendly website should look like. User friendliness of a website is based on user behavior statistics of various websites. In order to keep the website popular, its user-friendliness should be tested repeatedly.

Finding a balance between organization and users

Every organization has its goals and objectives and so does every user. That’s why keeping users satisfied while disregarding organization goals is bad for business. It is necessary to find a balance between users’ needs and organization’s objectives to succeed in sales or in providing services. One of the most important aspects in this area is staying within the budget and not spending money on ineffective advertising.

Information delivery methods

It’s not enough to write texts and combine them with the right on-line application. Website should be tested on the limited number of users to see how they react to its design and content.

  • If there’s no reaction in marked places or if users can’t find what they’re looking for, information delivery methods should be checked and may be even altered.
  • If users find difficult to make on-line purchases or receive services, reasons for this deficiency should be analyzed and the deficiency itself eliminated in order to achieve the end results.