There are three types of traditional advertising:

  • Print advertising
  • Radio commercials
  • TV commercial

Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages Advertising in the Media is more suitable for big companies with almost unlimited budgets. In return it presents a potential client a positive company image and value.

Print advertising

Its target audience is a thinking one – for if one reads therefore one thinks. Moreover, the assumption is that the thinking audience has means which it can afford to spend because magazines and newspapers cost. And that is an invaluable piece of knowledge for any company. Print advertising has a strong advantage over the radio and TV commercials – you can't turn it off. Furthermore, people sometimes keep old magazines or newspaper clips.

Radio commercials

Radio commercials unlike any other type of advertising have its target audience. It's no secret that many radio stations play certain kind of music and as follows radio commercials could target certain groups or communities.

There could be numerous target communities as radio is available to all. Wherever you are: at work or on vacation, on the beach or in your car – you can hear a commercial that is relevant to you. Radio commercial is a relatively low cost way for advertisers to reach their target audience.

TV commercials

It is one the most powerful and beautiful types of advertising showing you not only colorful and pretty but also animated pictures. TV commercials directly influence the target audience. Unfortunately, although TV is available to all, viewers have the power to turn it off or switch the channel at all time. Usually only large corporations can afford to make TV commercials.