Website statistic

User statistics could be and should be checked on each and every website.

Latest statistic tracing programs can educe advantages and disadvantages of every website. These program trace:

  • Number of users that log in
  • Pages the users read
  • Users’ geographical location
  • Users’ common denominator
  • Popular content
  • Log out pages
  • Number of users that come in through search engines.
  • Keywords used by users

These parameters could testify as to the efficiency of the website, and what needs to be done to improve it. Efficient website has to analyze keywords. It is vital to choose good keywords for higher search engine rankings. Various search engines and tools could be compared using analysis and statistics. Also practical conclusions which could improve website efficiency could be drawn on the basis of that comparison.

Parameters important for measurement

  • The most popular pages are worth investing funds and energy.
  • It is important to understand why users leave some pages and try to fix it.
  • Users’ inside route.
  • Search engine that brings in the biggest number of users
  • Websites that attract users
  • Key words that attract users to your website
  • Exact geographical location of users
  • Time that users spend on one page
  • The rate of users refusals
  • Conversion rate: users into buyers or users into users who perform necessary actions